06 March 2007


InsurancePortalOnline(, it is a site or portal about insurance which cover 3 parts, which is Life Insurance, Auto Insurance and Homeowners Insurance. From what I know they are offering lowest quotes of all types of insurance through out the United States !

Now let me brief about what is Life Insurance. They are covering most part of Life Insurance like the Term and Return of Premium policies. Of course Life Insurance is usually based on health and medical history. They also provide quotes from over 140 companies.

Second is the Auto Insurance. Auto is covering comprehensive limits, collision insurance, no fault, liability, and personal injury which is insured for Auto Company customers. Interested?

The last one will be the Homeowners Insurance. Which they are covering liability and home protection this policy is most important for homeowner, or renter. They too insure you from nature disaster.

For more information about the price and what kind of policy to buy, you can directly consult the insurance company as they have professionals and specialists.

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