06 March 2007

How MLM Works Pt 2

Ok let us continue with this MLM thing... The way MLM works, I believe you all should know about it right? And the meaning of MLM, if no then read back the post, here they are :

1) What is MLM?

2) How MLM works?

Lets get started! The MLM ranking purpose if for you to work up to a certain rank and attain a certain commissions.... The higher rank you are the more commissions you get from your downline... Usually you earn the commissions through the multi-level of referrals! Which means your downline will have to keep recruiting which if they don't then you might not get the commissions that you want!

Once you achieve a certain target, some MLM company will offer a certain sales profit percentage to be distributed among the highest ranks(Top). The more Top, the less dividend you get!

Now since you are at the Top, your downline have many lines, and some of them became highest ranks, this is when your real reward comes in. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you the catch behind the ranking in MLM....Silly me....

The catch is that after you reach the Top, and your downline had filled up the limited multi-level referral. In this time, you get lesser income, and I believe you need to continue recruit again.... About the share of company sales profit, is too less for you because too many of them sharing the same profit, this lead you to have no choice but to keep recruiting.

My conclusion is that MLM plan is a brilliant plan for the company to keep earning money and expanding the business..... Although its a bit of lie as they told you they are selling business when they are selling the company product....This is a cruel world, you got cheated, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Any comment is accepted. If there is any question then please do ask. Thanks for reading! Have a nice day!

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