05 March 2007

Red Eye..Left Eye

Unbelievable, I do not know how I got the eye red, I am sure I did not rub it with my hands or with anything.... My left eye just got red....feels itchy ~.~

Well after I found out, I quickly apply "EyeMo" hope it can heal it ASAP =D haha which in the end it did not heal, which makes me no choice but to get back to sleep.... Darn!! I miss my class today =.= first day of my 6th Semester and I was forced to go to bed to heal my precious left eye....

Hmm lets see, after a few hours of sleep, from 8am till 11am my left eye got better, which means the reddish colour is slowly fading away.... no more itchiness.... so all I sacrifice is my lecture and tutorial class which all ends at 1.30pm.....WHO CARES!! haha

1 comment:

coco_panda said...

heya, how are you now? better take care oh. You know my case right? And ah, next time if got red eye or wateva, my advice is, dun simply put any eyedrop or wateva. Better go consult a doctor. That's my experience la.

And ah, lecture and tutorial oni ma, you alwayz skip de la. No big deal :p