27 April 2007

The Rape Case in KTAR! How to CURB?

Sad to know about this.... But this is true and literally it is on every newspapers on Malaysia. KTAR had once again become very, no it's SUPER famous because of students getting injured....Recall the last case that happened, which is the student from SBS got robbed and stabbed to death. And on 21st of April 2007 the SBS student had been victimised again. I am from SBS ACCOUNTING, lucky enough to escape all this incidents.

If you watch the news on the TV yesterday, you realised that on 8TV they interviewed some of the KTAR students. Most of them made a comment on "KTAR should hired a "GOOD" security guards...." =.= a bit NAIVE comment, don't want to use harsh words.

Now I want to ask those students back, HOW THE HELL YOU KNOW THAT GUARD IS A GOOD GUARD? geez use common sense lah aiduh.... One of the girls told the 8TV "Female guards are fierce enough ....." AND guess what happen today when I arrived in KTAR? They really changed all the guards to female guards..... =_=' swt

The back gate tomorrow onwards will be closed at 2pm, OMG freaking s**ks!! I can't go back using the back gate on Saturday. (SPEECHLESS)

Ok I know some of you will ask what would I answered if the the reporter ask me to comment on the incident and what could be done on the security. GOD SAKE!! This incident should not be happen no matter how regret KTAR is, this incident is far too obvious the KTAR cutting the cost on securities as EARLY ON BEFORE THE YEARS I enter into KTAR, they should have had a system for securities! Change the securities guard for every 2 weeks or month!! Don't you learn that in your studies WHEN YOU ARE YOUNG?! Oh ya I forgot, you tend to forgot things eh?

Changing the security guards on certain period(short period) could have curb this! The security guards KTAR employed should check every single details on every corner of the college to make sure that NO PREPARATION OF RAPING can be done!! Do you know how big is the compound? Yeah I know, but would you be happy when this kind of incident happens again? If not then INCREASE THE GOD D*MN COST FOR THE SECURITY! Employ guards from two different security companies.

+_+ Correct me if I am wrong about this kind of matter....


day-dreamer said...

Somehow curbing rape cases are easier said than done.

You seem to despise KTAR, by the way. :P

coco_panda said...

well you know, m'sia..
when things happen only they think of a way..take action..feel regret.. *sigh*

_butt said...

KTAR.. no eye see..

btw, there are contradicting reports between chinese paper and the english.. one said the victim was lucky to approach a friend for help and the latter, some bodyguard.

my sis study in ktar too.

_butt said...

alamak.. sorry, not bodyguard lah. security guard.. LOL

EliteVillain said...

_butt : well is the bodyguard....sigh....KTAR, somemore im affiliate to them....*dead*

day-dreamer : nono, not despise, "I LOVE!!" KTAR =_='swt soooo famous!

coco : those actions shud had been taken LOOOOOOOONG ago... *sigh*

_butt said...

I loved your avatar! flash de.. :D

coco_panda said...

I don't like that girl la.. *bluek*