25 April 2007

Exam Tips Shared Everywhere!

Unbelievable how people share the exam tips, although I like that because it makes my life easier :P but if you think this properly, have you ask yourself "WHERE did they get those tips from? Unknown source!" Guess what, until today I have been asking my friends, and none of them can pin point the source. Well it doesn't matter if the tips are shared, the annoying thing is that, =.= many people come and beg for tips...lamerz!! Yeah you lamerz!! What?! Don't like it? Then don't beg for tips...wait for tips lah!! hehehehe..... I see many funny post in the forum, the way

they beg for tips...take this for example "OH help me!! Im having exam tomolo if no tips i sure fail help help help...."

Honestly, he or she is desperate, but why not ask questions?? Then people will answer your subject questions and it does help a lot than you study study study the tips and don't even understand a thing. From unknown source tips, from one place to another place the tips had been distributed, from the unworthy trust become worthy trust on the weird, although so far the tips are quite accurate, but what if the tips are incorrect? Then all "bungkus" in the exam hall? hahahaha

For me, I use the tips as a guide to study, as I usually do not know where to start and the tips are like guidance telling me where the questions usually were asked and how it will be asked.... Well in the last minute I would be happy if someone would share what they found out in their revision....But seems to me its hard to find such person nowadays.... sad

This Semester 3 Year 2 Diploma In Business students....
I would like share with you the tips that I had today!

Company law tips----Won't be coming out!
-promoter & pre-incorporation
-Royal british bank v Turquand
-enforcement of corporate rights & oppression
-auditor's neglegence,contributory negligence
-class rights, maintenance of capital(discount),reduction of capital
-redemption of redeemable preferences shares
-winding up

In conclusion, for me tips are just guidance for the revision and not spotting the questions in the exam papers.....And after students done revision should share what they found out during the revision(otherwise you are d**n selfish).... What say you?

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day-dreamer said...

I wait for my friends to give me tips, so I switch on my MSN Messenger whenever possible, so that they can dump anything into the sharing folders, haha.

I don't 101% rely on tips unless they're from very, very reliable sources, i.e. lecturers. But after reading everything I do focus a little bit more on the "tips".

Good luck in your exams! :)