22 April 2007

Test Your Math!!

I borrowed RM200 each from A and B to rent a room which cost about RM397.

The landlord return the change of RM3 to me.

I paid back RM1 each to A and B, and kept the remaining RM1 in my pocket.

Now, I still owe A and B RM199 each, right?

But RM199 X 2 plus RM1 in my pocket, total up is RM399, it did not add up to RM400.

Where is another RM1 gone to?

WAHAHAHAHA try it if you can =P

Answer :

RM 397 <------Rental
RM 2 <--------paid back to A and B
+RM 1 <-------in your pocket
RM 400

Any Better answer? Leave your answer in comment! Thanks!


day-dreamer said...


Good one.

LaSh said...


it's almost the same riddle that zewt had! :D

Elite@Villian said...

day-dreamer : hahaha although I am not the creator, but I LOVE this math as it really test your math =P

LaSh : haha same thing I modified the figures that is all =P seems like u didn't fooled by that haha

Anonymous said...

RM 199*2= RM 398, not RM399.