19 April 2007

CPU failure! CPU Fooled me =.='

Geez it always happen, the CPU just won't turn on despite you turn on your power supply! Happened more than 100times, and I am not giving up until today. My luck just sucks, this morning I tried to on it for like 10times, then I give up, as the CPU just won't turn on.

So I thought maybe I should go to Low Yat and (Click Read More.... )

let them repair and pin point me where is the problem occured. CPU won't turn on in my own house, remember this!

So I drove my car with the CPU at the back of my car, I drove to Times Square and parked inside as it is very hard to find free parking(U-Turn many times). So I won't have to walk far. I bring my CPU to the Low Yat, 3rd floor computer shop. Yeah you! A** *T! I went there and they checked my CPU and answered to me "Your CPU seems to work perfectly, no problem at all, I can even turn on the CPU."

=.=' Great and I just couldn't turn it on in my own house, this CPU just fooled me for a trip to Times Square and Low Yat..... Great trip, wasted my energy and time. When I am home right now, my CPU works....Oh man, just need someone to tell me what is the ****ing wrong with this 9-MONTH-OLD CPU?! Yesterday, the system files corrupted, therefore I couldn't access windows and was forced to format.... So WHY is this happening?!

End of anger! ^^ Thank you for reading....Have a nice CPU and Enjoy your Day!


_butt said...

you must have make 'her' angry la, that's why 'she' don't want to turn on for you.

oh, the CPU I mean.


Elite@Villian said...

I wil try to give "her" flowers and chocolate and WATER!!! Just in case "she" is thirsty!!

Well this problem keeps occuring and even today.... =( sad

day-dreamer said...

Hahaha, I feel you, man!

I used to face this problem too. No, not CPU failure. But when there was a problem I will call my technician to my house. Until the second before he arrive, the computer will still have that problem. But when the technician reaches, the problem will just evaporate. Kek sei yan!!

Elite@Villian said...

sigh...seems like everyone had this kind of problem, but do not know why it is like that? hmm

Need to reconsider about the manufacturer!! Something fishy is going on...