16 April 2007

What a Kiss means??

The defination of kiss in the dictionary will only give us non other than PURE FACTS and nothing more! And we are wondering about is something that is not purely factual, therefore dictionary will not help much.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Provides me this defination of kiss :
1. To touch or caress with the lips as an expression of affection, greeting, respect, or amorousness.
2. To touch lightly or gently

3. To strike lightly;

It is astounding! After what I found in the Anime, the script writer defines the meaning of kiss almost accurate and I agreed with it! As you all should know, this kiss is a matter of thoughts and feelings, where everything is ambiguous and there is NO RIGHT ANSWER! This is definitely no exceptions, it is my opinion =D

And you know what some people answered/defined(in their own perspective) "What a KISS means?" Here are the list :
- Kiss is a meaning of long term relationship
- Kiss means want sex
- Kiss is a person's lips touches another person's lips
- Kiss is waste of time ~~~ This one I do not know why
- Kiss is saying "I Love you"
- Kiss is SALIVA ~~~ Most Pathetic Ever!!

Before I continue with my opinion. Please do leave your comment(your own perspective) on "What a kiss means?". Share with us, don't be so selfish. Thank you!

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Now this is my perspective, read on if you want to know(Click Read More...)


Whenever you think of kissing the one you like, you will feel embarassing, as the kiss means something to you, something very dear to you, and you don't simply give it away, do you?

The kiss on the cheek and the kiss on the lips are different. The kiss on the cheek is mostly plainly about "I like you" or most commonly they meant "Good-bye" & "Good Night", could it be more? Probably, but in my perspective, kisses on the cheek are nothing. Whilst kiss on the lips. Now this is something. Don't know about other culture, but in Malaysia we do not usually provide kiss on the lips for no reason. Well people kiss on lips is an affection show from them to their dearest person, like a guy kisses a girl, showing his love to the girl and telling her how deeply he is in love with her, and vice versa. ^_^'

Most important, a kiss between lips is like an oath between the couple. Kiss on the lips is to allow someone to come as close to you as the others can never come and to allow you to give them everything you have....

This is my own perspective.... But I know in this generation, kiss is very common and nothing special about it. I've discussed this with a bunch of my friends, most of them agreed that nowadays kiss is nothing special. Well for me, a kiss is a kiss.
^^ Cheers!

What Are These Kisses Mean?


Anonymous said...

Well, For me kissing is a way to express your love to your lover or others(friends/family)...
A kiss (mouth to mouth) for your lover is to express your love to him/her, and i think that is for those who r in a strong relationship...
Hmm, that's just my opinion, cuz i nvr kiss someone b4, hahaha, So i do not how is it like...

_butt said...

kiss is.. Keep It Short and Simple. in journalistic term that is. XD

okok, here's a literal one. to kiss is to care. LOL

day-dreamer said...

No comment about kissing...

Just dropped by to say hi.

So... hi!

Have a great week ahead. :D

Lau said...

Let's see... What a kiss means?? Eh... Kisses got different type of kisses.. Different kind of kiss bring different kinds of meaning... As one of the comment said, kisses on mouth is only done by those couples.. and mouth to mouth kiss also got 2 kinds (i think)1 is just touch on the mouth kis and another type is the kiss playing tongues which known ass French kiss.. French Kiss only can do in certain time because i think french kiss can make ppl sexually high (hope you all understand what is the meaning...).. And French kiss also means the couples are strongly in love with each other.. Or maybe the couples like 'excitement'.. Who knows??? That's my opinion.. till then... See ya!! ^^

coco_panda said...

hmm..kiss is something like telling another person, "hey, i'm always here for you".