12 April 2007

Spaghetti!!! Home Cook!!

For me its damn nice!! The noodle and spaghetti sauce brought from the supermarket....then just have to add in some materials such as chicken slice =S yum yum for me!

Here is another side picture:

Just talk about food, a good and tasty spaghetti taken from outside will cost us around RM8.00 and when they added some shrimps ( usually 3 only, and the size is damn small till u can eat all 3 at once!) on the side of the plate, will cost around RM10.00++

Well I had it once at the 1 Utama...walao Rm10.30 per plate....sorry the name of the restaurant cannot be revealed, or later kena sue =D....

Then I told my friend I rather buy the stupid sauce from supermarket at RM5+( will confirm the label later) then buy the spaghetti and cook myself, somemore can cook for 5 people's meal!!

Dude I got to admit I am a spaghetti lover! I had it once at Rawang too, a treat from my tutor, nice! The spaghetti added some butter....taste good and its nice to smeeeeeeeLL!!!! Therefore I added some butter into my spaghetti which is unique compares to those my mom had served to the rest of family members =P don't want to let her know about this, if not there will no more special spaghetti for me...lalalala

LOL later on spoted by my mom when she discovered that the butter had been consumed! ^^ then she said "I am gonna charge you for this spaghetti since you so SELL FISH, now pay RM10.50 plus RM3 for the butter, total RM 13.50." OMG@@ kena charge huhu more costly than the one I had in Rawang and 1 Utama....Anyway I end up washing the dishes hahahaha it's the best meal I ever had since my mom added "special" stuffs inside ....SECRET! hehehehe

So you like spaghetti? What would you like it to be served with? share with me...might want to change favour =)


day-dreamer said...

Me! Me! Me spaghetti lover too. Not to mention macaroni and stuffs like that.

Erm... normally my mum just opens a bottle of Prego pasta sauce, add some other ingredients like chopped onions, minced meat, cheese, butter, parsley blah blah blah and it's ready to be served.

Elite@Villian said...

walao didn't expect that someone know about this much details!! BONTIFUL!!! *SALUTE*