08 April 2007

My Baby Brother is Sick >.<

Sigh...He is sick...My baby brother who is 3-year-old has a great potential on every aspects and he is yet to be excel in specific aspect :P

However, before he is really sick he did show some indications to me. What do we usually do to check on our temperature? Touch out fore head.

That is what he did, he took my hand by force and put it on his fore head! But at that time I did not feel his temperature is high. Well the other reason is that I thought he is playing with me. So I did not really pay attention.... Until now when I touches his fore head as I see he didn't run around much, found out his body temperature different than mine!!

Sigh, I am a bad brother curse myself for this.... Now his temperature is 39 degree!! Quite high for a baby, at the moment he can't do much activity but to lay on the bed and drink water. I will have to make it up for him by keep refilling water for him =D Hope he gets better.

Water used as a medium to transfer heat...How smart am I? Too dumb to be recognised as a science student!! Anyway I just want to warn everyone to take care their brother and I mean the small ones. They usually indicates by using their body, we call it body language and a changed of activity for example he doesn't play much compare to the other days! Then definitely the little one has some problem! So pay attention!


_butt said...

hope he gets well soon


LaSh said...

hope he's fine soon :)

you haven't brought him to see a doctor?

coco_panda said...

kesian your baby brother. Take good care of him. =)

Get well soon baby bro! *a wish from jie jie* >.<

Elite@Villian said...

_butt : Yeah he is fine now!

LaSh : yeah we did, and he is fine and running around now =D

coc_panda : haha seems like ur adopting my brother as ur own >.<

LaSh said...

that's nice to hear :)

day-dreamer said...

Thank goodness your baby brother is alright now.

Best if babies don't get sick...

coco_panda said...

coz you bully him ma. then need a jie jie to take care. ahaks!

Elite@Villian said...


day-dreamers : yeah i very afraid when my baby brother gets sick...duno what he wants as he duno how to talk english =P

coco: yaya i always bully but not my baby brother, i bully u only =P lalalala