05 May 2007

Diploma Students Graduated

Today I am graduated from my Diploma in Accounting. Officially everyone in the TARC who passed all the exams will be graduated with the Diploma in their hands.....For those who doesn't graduate, I felt pity for them...Some of my friends graduated, I felt happy as we can go on further study together but we all have a path to choose. AAC or AFA or AMA...

Friends who did graduate and go on different path than me, you have my best wishes, hope we will be able to help each other and will meet again someday and somewhere in the working life.

Those who quit studies I wish you all the best in your working life, it is a new start for you all, as we all had been enjoying the student life for about 15years... So do not force yourself too hard ^^

No matter you are just an acquaintance or my sworn enemy or my external rival or whatever you can think of, I bid you all farewell because you can't win me wahahahahahahaa =P just kidding

Do not fear the unknown ^^ Good luck to all of you!

Have you considered buying a diploma? Gag college diplomas make for an amusing decoration in an office! What will your family say when you arrive at home with a college diploma from a school of your choosing?


day-dreamer said...

Allow me to extend my congratulations. :)

_butt said...

congrats in advance!!


sworn enemy? err.. that serious meh :P

elitevillain said...

DD : Thanks...soon die in advance =X

butt: got de some very teruk de take me as enemy >_< I so bad luck