01 May 2007

Movie Review : Spiderman 3

This Spiderman 3 movie I've just watched it in GSC Times Square. Damn nice movie! 4 out of 5 stars!! Except someone keeps asking us to donate money before we go into the cinema =_='

Well the movie started by flashing back all of the important scenes from Spiderman 1 to Spiderman 2. Spiderman 1 talks about the Osbourne family, Harry's father becomes Green Goblin and went mad during his own experiment. Osbourne was killed by his own Glider (sky-flying machine). Harry accuses Spiderman for killing his father and dispite Spiderman until Spiderman 2. Harry knew about Spiderman's true identity when he was brought by the Dr. Octopus to Harry's mansion. Now let us continue to SPIDERMAN 3!!

Spiderman 3 Movie Review. Well this movie is about friendship(Harry and Parker), Love ( M.J. and Parker) and his enemies (Flint the sandman & VENOM).

Right after Parker visted his Grandma, Parker met New Green Goblin who revealed himself, Harry and fight with Parker(No suit). Harry used all the gadgets like what his father had used the only different is that Harry's glider is much faster than his father's. Harry was going to revenge his father's death, but he failed when Parker KNOCK him out. This part was funny, the way Parker Knock out Harry. Harry was dead and ended up in the hospital. Well he lived.

In the meantime Flint escaped from the jail, and was accidentally fell into a bump which contain silicon(sand) when he was chased by polices. They even show how he manage his power. The effect is nice, the way how he uses the sand to form his true form. Well Spiderman 3 flashed back on who is the real murderer of Parker's Grand father, and the one that Parker killed was not the real murderer.....

And you know what? Parker PROPOSED to MJ to marry him....Did it work out? Can not tell you :P

Then Parker used Venom to help him to defeat sandman as you saw in the trailer. Of course in the end Parker manage to get hold of himself and get rid of Venom.

In the end, Harry needs to choose the path, whether to help Parker defeats Venom and Sandman. MJ is in danger so the time is limited. Will Harry help Spidey to defeat the Villains? hehe

How is everything ends? This is a worth to watch movie, I rate it 4/5!! Yes it is that nice!! Now you know about this, what are you waiting for? GO WATCH IT!!

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