27 May 2007

Genting had changed ~ sigh

Yesterday I went to Genting for a ride hehe, felt bored therefore I went there....To witness what had changed and what is the result of the changes =P It's all about my curiousity.

The last time I went Genting was like 10years ago, and the place was known as Entertainment World, which full with InDoor and Outdoor activities..... Everything changed, even the weather is not as cold as I remembered. The place is full of parking if I may say.

The indoor activities have decreased into small quaters, I went there and walk around, not as big as I went before...... Not many Arcade there, even the cinema is weird. Kids running around but seems to me the place is limited, so hide and seek is not available like it used to be =D

And I can't help to notice that the Genting had increase the CAS*NO, I counted there are 3 of them... Do not want to mention the name of the CAS*NO.

The point I talk about the Genting is that I went for a walk and I saw something very sad.... And kinda make me want to ask CAS*NO to forbid parents to go in.

I saw KIDS sitting outside the CAS*NO, I was like "Oh My Godness!". How can the parents left their kids outside? Aren't parents' responsibility is to make sure their kids safe and take good care of them?

What I saw is totally different, the kids were left outside. I saw 2 kids at range of 8 to 12 years old. The young one tries to play with his brother but his brother felt bored. I notice that they do not have anything to play with. And worst of all, the kids were left with the luggage..this means what? They just arrived or check out, straight went into CAS*NO? =_= GEEZZ

At least do not left your kids outside of the place, bring them into a hotel or Arcade let them had something to do, if you put them into a hotel at least they are safe....You can't stop the parents from gambling therefore this is at least you can do for your kids! USE YOUR REASONING PLEASE! YOU ARE EDUCATED AND YOU DO SUCH THING? More like BARBARIANS!!

Adults love to say this "This place does not allow you kids to enter, so stay outside and be a good boy, stay here, don't go anywhere" =_= lame, do you know how dangerous it is?

SIGH....Wish I could do something about it, but I guess there is none but to complain in the blog, hope people will change for better and not worst....


_butt said...

I'd say.. if your sole purpose of going to genting is to head for the gambling table and nowhere else, have decency to leave your kids at home.

day-dreamer said...

Aiya... maybe the truth is not what you see? Maybe their parents are not in the casino... how you know, right?

Always see things from the other perspective... although no matter wherever the parents are, leaving kids unattended is always dangerous.

EliteVillain said...

Say no more, I go report to police better =P

coco_panda said...

aiyo..they want to get come experience ma... :p
exposure you knw... :p

coco_panda said...

oops. typo.
some..not comes.