25 May 2007

Went to TARC....

ZZzzzZzz Today stupidly went to TARC for nothing!! I just want to apply for change of course. That is from AAC(Advance Diploma in Accounting) to AFA (Advance Diploma in Finacial Accounting) just a simple request......

The college had to make the procedures so long winded and have to waste my 2weeks time.... The office employee told me "You need to wait for the Bill which is AFTER the result come out (after 30th May)" *Sigh*

Regret to listen to that MORON!! Ya you moron cheated me, dang you So call come help students! Luckily I ask my seniors if not I am wasting time...Now I need to prepare photostated SPM result, that is all.

Well no choice lor, have to wait 2weeks spend these 2 weeks in AAC first then after they agree to change me to AFA then baru can start....sigh

But I don't think I should go AAC since I am going AFA so I attend AFA lecture lah! deng why the employee ask me go AAC?! DUH!

Never listen to people who are selling or promoting ask those people who went through the courses! To study the course ask the seniors!

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day-dreamer said...

UTAR or TARC all like that one!!