13 May 2007

Happy Mama's Day!!!

Mother's day arrived, what have we done so far to our mother? Today should be the day we show more love and more loyalty and more diligent IN CLEANING UP THE HOUSE AND DO ALL THE CHORES =_='swt

Is it suffering? Not for me, because I LOVE to do all chores besides it just for one day =P No lar I always help my mother throw garbage -_- so stink but no choice have to throw....or else the house fill with foul smell...

So what Type of Person are you? So nice ar help your mom everyday...then today nothing special lor unless you treat your mom a meal hehe hey this idea i suggest, so if you doing this means you are usig my idea and have to pay some fees =P



day-dreamer said...

I normally help my mum, so nothing too special today, although I treated her to some Haagen Dazs ice-cream. Hehe.

EliteVillain said...

LOL her favorite?

Should treat mom's favorite food, which usually is unhealthy food =P

Just jk jk

_butt said...

throw garbage only? :P