22 May 2007

A Job As Survey Man

Well I recently took up a job which survey the Kuala Selangor, this survey contain 11pages of questionaires which are ready for the Kuala Selangor residents to answer them! I need to finish about 20 surveys.... Think about the whether damn hot till you can get sun burn and fall sick!!

My friend and I went houses by houses asking people from people.....Getting many rejections which is very normal as they thought we are salemen who gonna cheat their money ..... I heard from the resident that recently someone went around the houses and try to sell "Gores dan Menang" Can't believe how our lucky so bad....Coincidentally we want to do survey and the bad guys made our life harder!!

Freak!!! I hate those salesmen as they ruin our survey job. If they did not come by before us then the survey could went faster....Probably done it in 1 day....Well nevermind as we were very determine and keep asking residents to answer our questionaires... And our determination pay off, we done our survey at the end of second day!

Well people do not answer everything we asked, which makes some of the answers blank.... under the blazing hot sun, we keep on knocking houses by houses... when finally meet the target, we were so happy.

Just want to thanks those who willingly answered our surveys and give us drinks. It keep us going. Nowadays people are very worry when you want their address and real name, luckily this survey do not need IC number or else it will be much much much harder, people do not give out IC number so it is hard to get the survey complete....

Now the job is done, we are now resting in our comfortable house, no more stress no more blazing sun, no more bad weather and peace at last!! YAHOO!!!

Please help those who wish to do survey for studies and try not to reject them as they done it for studies and not cheating your MONEY!


day-dreamer said...

How come sounded so much like _butt's account of her "job"?? :D

_butt said...

day-dreamer, I should probably tell you that we're actually in the same job.. XD

and hey, at least you got free drinks leh.. :)

EliteVillain said...

eleh.....butt as if u dun have... girls more easier doing this job, they see guys sudah mau cincang guys zzzz sien la like that

_butt said...

eh, we don't have free drinks la. that's why you guys must find leng lui lo.. hehe

EliteVillain said...

deng!! ppl dun like survey by not know why maybe guys cheat ppl too much.... so not nice!!