31 May 2007

Wondering About the TARC Policies

Today I wondering about the policies. TARC told us about changing courses can be done anytime, but failed to mention about the fees. Why? To get more people into it so they can gain profit?

Well now, I am in....Found out their special quote "Pay the bill then we talk". "Amount exceed, will NOT be REFUNDED". "Amount outstanding, please pay up". This is real business and it is allowed? I am not too sure, but I've failed to notice about this and now I had to pay the price.

They can keep the exceed amount, although I am not studying for that course, I had to pay that course fees.... Then they retain my exceeded fees, what are they gonna do about it? NO IDEA.

hmm....They can choose not to tell as this is confidential, therefore left unknown to us. And then, now I am studying a course which I am not sure whether I am accepted or not. Had to study this course for 2weeks =_= If not successfully accepted, then I will be successfully denied. Why am I studying for 2weeks? Why the person who in charge of this thing failed to notice that in May 28th many of us do not have the result yet, and therefore couldn't decide which one to go?

*sigh* Seems to me they purposely ask you to make a choice then force you to go for it, if not then will take your exceed amount of fees. Fun eh? Now my friends wondering around, do not know whether are they accepted for the course or not, but still come for the lectures and tutorials....Some wish to take the alternative route if they are not accepted, but due to TARC late generate results, they are stuck in TARC =_=

So choose the CHEAPEST COURSE when you are making a choice between 2 courses (different fees) Like right now, I am in a less expensive course(rumors until the bill comes) then when apply to expensive course then no amount for TARC to take =P

Thanks for reading


Anonymous said...

Last time, TAR College was for people who are not so well to do, now they changed to be more commercilaized already. Isn't it sad? By the way, education should be FREE!

day-dreamer said...

Welcome to the real world.

EliteVillain said...

Anonymous : Shud be free!! TARC is sponsored by government, and still need so much from us?

DD: ....*speechless*

_butt said...

I heard from my sis that the intake of students for this semester had dropped.

EliteVillain said...

_butt: If you say AAC then yes lo, less than 180 students... but if you say AFA, walao the students overflow seems to me like more than 460 students there....zzzz they gonna cut off students soon, and I need to wait for 4 weeks at least for them to confirm my spot =.= lame

coco_panda said...

erm..correction. TARC is half government. They pay half of our tuition fees. That is why it is cheap. Well, it suppose to be.

How sad.