08 June 2007

Busy Day

Caution! All these happened on yesterday Friday (8/6/2007)

8am : Wake up....Take bath...then had breakfast
9am : Prepare to go Public Bank...
9.15am : Went down the car park, tries to start the car....Battery flat...Car couldnt be started. Call up the seller, as it was bought 5months ago, they told me to bring to I asked my mom to bring the battery to them(they are just in front of my condominium)

10.15am : Rush to Public Bank to pay the TARC fees....Afraid that Public Bank might be crowded....
10.40am : Arrived Public Bank, found out the bank isn't that crowded, quickly ran to the desk and fill in withdrawal form.
10.45am : Paid the bill...
11am : Run to the photostate shop near to the Pudu bus stop...

11.15am : Run back home

11.30am : Arrived home, take another bath....And rush out to Chan Sow Lin Lrt Station to meet up a friend....Which later on we went TARC together.

12.15pm : Arrived Chan Sow Lin Station....Have to wait another 15min for my friend to arrive.

1pm : We arrived at TARC

1.15pm : We went into the SBS office....OMG!! CRRRRROOOOWDED!!! So we decided to had lunch first then come back later on at 2pm

1.45pm : Raining soon, we head back to SBS....And caught me on surprise, I forgot to bring my freaking original copy of SPM, and Bill!! WTF!! They wouldn't let me certify, I was told to return on Monday =.='swt

2pm : Raining, so we ran to Taman Melati Putra Lrt

2.20pm : This time onwards, was the time for us to enjoy >_< hahaha


5pm : Went to Coco_panda's house and straight away went to the photoshop to take my photo( which is needed for the TARC Loan )

5.30pm : Finally back at home +_+ R.I.P

Walk until tired....Then felt numb, no more tiredness because walk too many hours, non stop. lol it has been for a few years since I was this busy....


day-dreamer said...

Haha, how could you have forgotten the most important documents? LOL!

coco_panda said...

from my experiece, that pubic bank is never crowded. Firstly, they are fast and efficient. Secondly, if not all 11 counters, at least 8 are open. Love it..coz they are quick!

EliteVillain said...

ooo then im unlucky, cuz sometimes i went and it is crowded....peak hour i everythingi brought jor, and went office certified....left the sem 6 result (today) tomolo will giv them certify oso =.= so ma fan