05 June 2007


Anyone watch FSN? I don't want to talk about FSN, but just want to focus on Saber in FSN only...cuz I am a super fan of FSN Saber!! yeah yeah yeah! So are you with me? Click the picture to read the words

Saber also known as King Arthur in FSN, who holds the Excalibur.
Excalibur sword is given by the Lady of the Lake....All of these you will know if you read about the King Arthur story!

The picture had some written words, and I admire it...It said:

A battle had been fought,

and now is over.

Please your sword upon the ground,

and rest in the temporal peace.

After dozing in the warmth of a dream,

a new day will begin.

The days keep passing by...

And we still chase the same star we once saw.

And know I would like to ask why are still fighting when we know in the end we will still chase the same star? hehehe


coco_panda said...

she looks cute without her armour. I still like archer. :p

_butt said...

sounds interesting!