09 October 2007

A girl who had 1 year life left...

Recently you see a news talks about a girl who needs help and she had, approximately, 1 year left to live. Sad. But when I think of what can she do during this 1 year duration?

I asked myself what I want to do? I had no idea, seems like my life is totally boring, wasted all the time infront of pc and studies. Never think of what other things that I wanted to do.

I feel she is brave because she smile in front of the camera, she still move on with her life and one more she said she wanted to donate her organs....whichever can be used to save other people. *moved* ~.~ I am not even sure I can be strong like her.

Example what do I want to do with my family? Where do I wanted to go? What other things that I want to do when I was a child? =_= NO ANSWER

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LaSh said...

I know what you mean!

I often think about my life and come up with questions like.... what am i living for in fact?

and there are just blanks following!