23 October 2007

Desktop TAG ~.~

HOHO one of my friend tagged me = = so bad as if I got nothing to do =p lalalaa

but it is fun sharing my desktop to all of you since you all curious. I can see my blog had been view for 20+ times and it is increasing right after Coco_panda tagged me.

She forced me to go to butt's blog and check the instruction instead of herself retyping it like butt....So I read it and now I am gonna post it SO CHECK THIS OUT!!

DON'T BE SURPRISE....I am a gamer ^^ I take screenshots in MoSiangOnline then I put it in my desktop, this is one of the picture that I took with my Darling(in game) ~.~ hoho .....Hope you like it ^^ the scene is a snow mountain it is clearly snowy there and I am dressing in white coat, it's call White Dragon Cloth, makes me feel so PRO in the game world ;p

Pity there is a picture of my Darling hugging me, but unfortunately I formated my pc last 2 days, so there is no more such picture T_T

By the way don't feel jealous :P

And thank you Coco_panda for tagging me =_=

No one to tag so it ends the misery here lalalalaa~~~~

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coco_panda said...

i DID post up the instructions la!