31 October 2007

Sad....failed to get TARC LOAN

Not really failed to get, TARC approved I am allow to get the Loan which is RM 7000 for 2 years of study....unfortunately this loan requires you to bring in 2 guarantors, which is damn hard since you need them to disclose their personal assets and salaries.

I got one guarantor which is my aunt, but SAD told me that it is still not yet approved until they had a look at it...... =___= sigh Another guarantor of mine is my parents' friend, he is a boss of a company but SAD said to be a guarantor YOU ARE REQUIRED TO GIVE OUT EPF =.= who wants to do that? zzzzz sien....really no luck at all.

The time I saw my name appeared in the notice board stating I get RM3500 loan per year, I was RELIEVED as my study fees is paid and only thing left is to take care my living cost, but now......darn it, why 2 guarantors? why not 1? isn't 1 stabil guarantor be sufficient? sigh....really no chance left to me to get the RM 7000.

There are those who willing to give out EPF to me but their salaries are below RM1,500 which did not fulfill the requirement.

I am so doomed.....where else can I get loan? I think my parents will have to bare the burden for 4semesters.

Wish me luck on finding a new guarantor before the date line which is on 23rd of November 2007.............................................cheers ~.~

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