07 November 2007

He will be fine..

I visited my dad who got stroke on Monday and emmited on Wednesday.... I visited him on Thursday right after I finished my class, along with my brother we drove to Klang Hospital Besar....

It feels sad and pain in my heart, mixed with anger.... watching my dad helplessly and there is nothing I can do. Well his stroke was not serious, so he can still move around and talk a bit although is not clear but we could hear what he was saying.

The hospital was too "clean" I understand why my dad wanted to DISCHARGE himself out off hospital and go home rest.....but he can't do that because the medicine is not ready yet.

Guys, I could see my dad having difficulty in breathing, and he feels numb almost whole body..... I wanted to do something, but I guess I am useless as there is nothing I do except pray and ask him to get more rest.....

This is what I am afraid most.....losing someone I love and cherish.

p.s. I post it up late because now I had the feeling to post it thanks for reading and understanding

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angele said...

I'm sorry to hear about yr father.I hope he is better now.

It's only when something bad happens to our loved ones that we realise we often take them for granted.

I know that feeling of fear of losing someone close to the heart.

Hopefully your dad will recover =)