26 November 2007

It was fun...

It was fun having old friends back together like once before....

Sunday 25/11/2007 was the day we all gathered like we used to in Diploma... Time passed by very swiftly, 1 year gone by and 3 out of 6 of us are working now. Because 5 of us could not celebrate my friends birthday at his home town then he is willingly to come down to KL to have small gathering with us, let's call him Mr.A. Unfortunately 1 of us could not come due to Camping.

So the very first thing we do is of couse we bought birthday boy gifts in Times Square... We got our best friend a gift that he will always remember hahaa and he did get a shock when he open the gift :P it is a secret XD wahahaha

After that, We went to Times Square Cinema to watch The Kingdom starring Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Garner, and produced by Peter Berg.... It talks in muslim language which most of the time we do not understand it, have to read from the subtitle.

And you know what happen during the movie? Walao is all I can say, my friend fall asleep in the middle of the movie where the movie is filming(the part keeps talking).....
But in the end we all enjoyed the movie, probably because we pay for it :P Seriously it is a very nice movie in my point of view.

We dine (due to we all pokai, Mr.A treat us all back) at Genting Klang, Tong King(Tokyo). We talked about anything under sun :P exagerated it hehe. After we had dinner, we went for DOTA.

Although they always DOTA but it is not the same when it comes to 5 of us DOTA because we do not care about winning or losing what we care is HOW YOU FEEL AFTER THE GAME? FUN that is all we care.... Yesterday 5 of us against the 5 opponents(human not AI), we lost because I am so noob >_<

It was really fun because we do the things we did in Diploma, hmm such as DOTA and watching movie chit chat like we used to be.... WOW nostalgia.

Left one thing we didn't do...that is take down the moments we had in yesterday. Maybe we want to keep it in our heart more than pictures.

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