27 November 2007

Apply PB Debit Card to Verify PayPal

Today i went to Public Bank and applied for Electron Visa Debit Card, the procedures are so easy.... Just fill up the form( I am so stupid keep fill in the wrong information) then hand the form to the counter and they will help you do the rest.

They photostats your IC, the student ID is not needed(eventhough the form state I need student ID or work slip) then last procedure was to sign in the form and now wait within 2 weeks to get the Debit Card ready.

The customer service girl told me I need to fill up another form when the card is ready to use. The form is to deposit Rm25(minimum amount) into the Debit Card.

I forgot to ask her how do I spend the amount in the card.... Is withdrawal characterise as Spending too? Will clear this question as soon as possible ^^ now so rushing on my assignment( Audit - About Financial Scandals in Malaysia ). While I am doing that, I still wish to provide my readers the Paypal Withdrawal procedures so they can withdraw funds from Paypal!

After I get hold of the Debit card the first thing to do is to VERIFY PAYPAL!!!! So i can accept and use the new feature to withdraw the money. So let's see how it goes when I received the Debit Card =)

So hard....Because do not know how to start!!!! shhh don't tell anyone =_= those who read it keep it in your heart as a laughter enough :P hehe Have a good day guys ^^

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PB debit card can be used to verify Paypal account and withdraw money from Paypal. You need to follow the steps and deposit $1.95 into Paypal. Read the other related posts.

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