16 November 2007

PayPal New Withdrawal Feature!

News today, PayPal now offers account balance withdrawals to Visa-branded credit, debit, or prepaid cards in 26 international markets. This feature greatly improves the utility of PayPal accounts in these markets and is accomplished through an easy 3-step process. To continue read more please go to this page PayPalBlog. Probably this defeats the alternative ways for Paypal withdrawal.

Of course there are fees and charges occur when you withdraw. See the minimum withdrawal amount, go to PayPal website. Or you can do it yourself click ‘View Limits’ on the Account Overview page to see how much is your limits. And another thing is the withdrawal fee of US$5.00 (or local currency equivalent) per transaction, kinda costly....but it is better than you can't withdraw the money =)

UNBELIEVABLE!!! IT IS FINALLY HERE!!!! I am going to apply a PB Visa-Electron Debit Card to verify my PayPal account then start get some few bucks and try to withdraw =) yesh yesh yesh I am overwhelmed by this news... Malaysians will have a better option now for paypal withdrawal funds. You just have to pay for $5.00 which act like a service charge and you can withdraw your funds into your bank account within 7 days.

Finally can get paid for blogging, last few months ago only can verify Paypal and can't withdraw the money inside is disappointing but now it's over and I can start take back what belongs to me....secret!!

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