17 November 2007


You are wondering what are the attractions when you take a trip to Italy.....Some told me that first place should go is Venice! Lots of Famous monuments in Italy to go take a look at it......How about Sistence Chapel? Wow so many things to do but do not forget to book yourself a hotel in Italy. Try go to this site and search for Hotels in Italy .

Next Europe place is Rome.....what are the attractions? The Colosseum, the Vatican, Trevi Fountain....Do not know how many days you need to visit...... Still need to book a hotel before continue your trip! For more info go to and don't forget to search for hotels in Rome too!

Ah, Venice attractions in tourism that are Piazza San Marco, Gondola Ride, St Mark's Basilica. For more info go to of course you will need a place to stay in order to rest and continue travel for the rest of other days, stay in any of the hotels in Venice .

What about Milan attractions? Cathedral of Milan, Leonardo da Vinci Museum, Castello Sforzesco. WOW. Da Vinci Code movie was taken from this place? Lets find more information, go to and check out hotels in Milan

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