23 November 2007

Review on Shakugan Season 2 (Ep01 - 03)

So nice the new season 2 of Shakugan No Shana.... I had watched episode 1 till 3 for now. But it already come out till episode 07. ~.~ *rush rush rush* assignment or shana?? OMG hard to make up my mind!! Let's do BOTH!!! haha



Hard to miss these new episodes... Hmm I put up some of the sneak-peeks here to create some suspenses :P This new season more on the love battle between Shana and Yoshida.... and they have a new rival, after they saw the new girl classmate.....Yoshida on the very same day could not focus in the sports she joined(volley ball) and got hit by the ball...LOLz

who looks like Hekate, but her name is different, and she is a new transfered pupil from other school.....This is the new rival~~
Of couse this new season won't left out FOOOOOOD!! Check this picture out!
And new enemies.... This one can make people get into a deep sleep and keep repeating the same dream which stored in your memory!

This one with lots of rings... he summon the rings explode!
Till next post guys =)

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