22 November 2007

Baby Brother going to school!!

Hohoho my baby brother (3year-old...going to be 4-year-old) is going to kinder garden....It is just for age between 4 to 6.... those who are older CANNOT ENROL, and i mean u Coco_panda :p

Well this kinder garden has alot of branches, and had produced alot of Top-achieves that is what they stated in the brochure... I think it doesn't matter how many they produced, it is the matter HOW THEY TEACH the children.

I hope my baby brother go there and have fun with other adult cares. Of course my parents will be very happy if each and everyday my baby brother learnt something new and become more OBEDIENT!! hahaha

My mom brought my baby brother to that kinder garden and registered. The fees is RM 450 per month. This kinder garden incorporated alot of activities such as Art, Arithmetic, Computer, Excursion, and Concert(woot?).... Way different from my time

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