07 December 2007

Argh Test =.=

Next Wednesday Audit test zzzzz this is frustrating after getting my Financial Management assignment result which is not up to my expectation..... After Audit assignment ( Financial scandals) we have another coursework test for about 20% of total coursework marks.

Argh need to study..... But the problem is that this lecturer did not guide us well, and the way she is teaching is like forgetting some of the parts and remembering some of the parts. Her notes are so messy....the reference text book she recommended was useless. This kind of lecturer will make me flunk my paper.....or maybe worsen my CGPA.

What else can I do? Go search for more info so I can tackle the exam questions loh.... sien la such thing do happen.....


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i will have to cut down my online gaming time xD haha