06 December 2007

HoChak - Gifts

I believe you all had watched the HoChak series in Malaysia Tv channel 8. But one thing for sure you all had not seen what they gave to the stalls or restaurants for being in TV.

Now you guys seen the two hosts put a HoChak sticker on board or wall or any corner that they feel suit. The second gift is CHOPSTICK....Yeah chopstick you heard me. This is not a normal size chopstick, but it is big one which only giant fingers can get hold of it.

How do i know about this? Is because near by my condominium there is a restaurant wins HoChak interview :P "FunKee" famous with their nice and smooth mee.

I will try to get the Chopstick picture as soon as possible, hope the owner would let me take a shot of it ^^

I always walk by that restaurant but did not notice that chopstick until yesterday I was standing there waiting for my "Wan Tan Mee" and I was standing at the counter, next thing was I saw the wooden chopstick.

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