05 December 2007

Where are nice people go?

Yeah where are they? On the last visit to General Hospital UKM, I was with my mother waiting for our turn to be called, which took about 1hour and 30minutes..... so long....that does not matter when compare to this incident.

Well I saw a nurse calling patient from the room door asking the patient to come because it was her turn to be checked up. You know what? That patient is a lady and her right leg was injured somehow, she was walking so slow at elast the lady nurse could do was lend a hand to that injured lady instead of standing at the door watching and waiting lady to come?! geez

That nurse was standing there despite a lot of people were looking at her, she can still standing there without any remorse or shame for not helping! OMG! This is call ethical? This is the moral of the society? What kind of nurse is that?

Another incident in LRT train where you see a label stickied on the glass of LRT stating please leave the seats to those who are needed. When you see an old man or pregnant woman should you not stand up and let them sit? Do you need people to ask you to stand up and leave the seats to them?

I was standing at the corner watching an old man entering. The old man was standing in front of a seat, that guy just sat there and did not offer the seat to that old man until...... LRT staffs( a woman ) ask the guy kindly offer the seat, only then that old man can sat down.

Sigh.... Did not the religious taught you to have morale? This is really frustrating .....

Seriously where is the nice guy? Where is the mercy society? I personally did not take any seat in LRT train because I know there are some who are more needed than I do, if my legs are in good condition I would rather standing than sitting.

Hope our next generation would be much better than the earlier one.......


day-dreamer said...

Relax man, there are still nice people in this world. Trust me. ;)

EliteVillain said...

ya u lo? hahah great to see u back to ur good mood =)