03 December 2007

Met in-game friends (MoSiang)

It was 1st of December 2007, my friends(2 of them) and I invited another 2 of our MoSiangOnline friends who we had been in the same Party for a few months to come out and have a drink. =)

We went to watch Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium at Times Square, we bought the ticket because of our MoSiang's friend(Who is not MoSiang player), because we were too "cincai" thus we followed watch that movie....... -_- the movie was ok, not great it is suitable for kids but not teens, that is my opinion.

The movie was about BELIEVE what we once believe when we were kids that is MAGIC and do the things that we did when we were kids, PRETENDING. Our busy life and society has made us to forget what was once fun and exciting in life..... We adults do not believe in Magic nor pretending as another character anymore, because we feel that is CHILDISH..... probably will be called as "Wu Liao" which means lame.....

Yesterday was great until our MoSiang friends bump into their friend....who is so annoying and way too sensitive with every words we said =_= she spoiled the fun... Until we choose to go Arcade although we do not know that she doesn't like it there, she chose to go home =D huray for us! We went to Arcade and have fun....

You know what I saw? It was surprising because I saw a pretty girl playing Daytona, and she is expert challenging 7 players and she gets 2nd or 3rd place(because she keeps challenging, too many rounds thus i average it out) although she never gets 1st place but that is enough to show she is expert in this game @@ wow

Probably more pretty girls will be joining this car racing arcade game soon =p Well I feel sad and simphaty for a girl who smokes.... Nowadays girls smoke.. no comment on this(for now)

At last end of the day 7pm we all have to go..... There is One thing that I think we missed is the photo..... we all forgot to take photo for this memorial day.... darn it!! My phone cannot take photo, therefore I forgotten about taking photo.....Don't know why my friends did not mention about it.

Should learn how to play car racing :P since it has become a girl game too hoho... who is with me?! :D

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