19 December 2007

Having Steamboat =)~

You know when you are having steamboat witha bunch of friends at a restaurant, where it said EAT ALL YOU CAN, but penalty for RM 5 per 100g.... you must be thinking you can eat a lot of stuffs until you vomit XD

This is wrong until yesterday I saw my classmates who ate more than 5 persons' amount!! Their body was not fat it seems like they have a VERY GOOD APPETITE!! I was very envy them.... They eat lamb chop, crabs, and prawns, it was so full if you ask me to eat at that amount.

We all were just litterally watching them eat. They fried it and offer us the food, we just passed it back to them because we were so full and could not continue to take few more bites.... So I asked them How on earth can you eat so much? it's like DBKL hahaaha

They told me that "We must eat till RM 19.80 or we will have a loss" they answered me with a laugh. You know they keep on taking the food until the boss of that restaurant was looking at them. LOL seems like the boss feel a loss already.

Overall never take cheap food to eat or stuff yourself, just go take lamb, prawns, and crabs NOT chicken NO fishballs!! DAMMIT my friends keep putting in fishballs and BORING~~~

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