17 December 2007

Asian Idol - Hady Mirza

Hady Mirza from Singapore Idol had won the Asian Idol 2007 yesterday Sunday 16/12/2007.... It was a shock for me since all the judges did mention the Jaclyn Victor name as one of the possible Asian Idol, but turns out to be Hady Mirza.... OMG

If you did watched the performance in last 2 days ( Saturday and Sunday) you will find all the Idols gave their best and they are all winners since it is hard to decide which to be Asian Idol until yesterday at 12am host announced the winner for Asian Idol Hady Mirza, and Hady broke into tears and kneel down after he heard his name pronounced!!

Alot of Idols came to Jarkata yesterday to make it more enjoyable and fun! Start with Agnes Monica singing "Get Up" with her outstanding dance... Why there is no Rain :P

And also Guy Sabastian( Australian Idol ), Taylor Hicks( American idol ) wooohoooo ....PeterPan was at Jakarta performed in Asian Idol too!
Sadly Jaclyn Victor was not choosen...sigh...

Well overall it is worth for me to watch it till 12am eventhough I am still having fever :D


clhoo said...

it's a watse of time holding such a competition if voters do not vote for the best for the night. we're just not ready to have such a contest. nationalism shot itself in the foot!

EliteVillain said...

definitely if voters do not vote for the best man would be a waste of time making such competition.... but we should not deny there are some who voted for their own country idol....still overall they chosen the best man among the 6 of the idols =)