13 December 2007

Rainy day and Hot Sun = Sick

These few days had been raining non-stop whether it is heavy or shower type, it is still a wet day.... I have been walking under the wet weather the past few days even until today I am still walking wet to home or college.... Luckily I did not get sick, or probably eventually I will get sick.

I seen a lot of my friends were sick due to hot and wet weather....the weather is changing rapidly until our body could not cope with the temperature and thus we fall sick, plus if you did not drink enough water definitely you cannot escape from sickness.

One of my friend did not attend her test because she fall sick on the test day, therefore she has to replace it on other day, kinda pity her as she missed the most easiest questions among the other sets :P

Hot blazing sun.... Forced me to wear my cape always, and I sweat a lot... argh!! After sweating I feel like sleeping.... therefore I slept in lecture hall.... zzzzz darn it....

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