26 January 2008

Back Online Again...(-_-)

My computer is back online since yesterday. Phew. Luckily it can be fixed by installing back the windows XP, got to thank my friend Danny for lending me his windows XP. But then again one last part of the CPU that I needed to buy before all these issues can be totally gone; the power supply.

This is the last part I need, and I really hope it works. I appologize for my blog not updated for few days due to my CPU malfunction. Well I went to Genting right after my exam ends on 23rd Jan 08. So I could not updated my blog sooner. But I got the CPU fixed right after I got back from Genting on 25th Jan 08.

Of course I was very tired after the trip back from Genting. So I rest until today I posted something up. More to come so don't miss out, now let me finish my anime that I had missed for the week hehehee....that will be Naruto, Bleach, Shakugan No Shana 2 , and Avatar: The Last Air Bender....

Time to crazy for more animes again ho~ho~ho~

I will enjoy my holiday and you will enjoy the daily post and trips XD hope you like it and awaiting for it =) See ya

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day-dreamer said...

Congrats on getting your CPU up again.