20 January 2008

Kid cries = lose concentration >.<

Tomorrow is time for exam and now I am still refreshing every topics that I had gone through, unfortunately my baby brother is crying and making all the noises in the house.....darn it, I lose my concentration, cannot continue study....Audit needs a lot of memorizing >_< Need to consume more brain food....

Whatever video CD, cartoons that we put into VCD player to "ease" the noise, it just won't work, don't know what else to do to make him cool down....

He is really testing our patience....Well definitely he wins since we all obey whatever he pointed....From 6pm till the time he fall asleep non-stop shouting and crying....ARGH!!! surrender.... >_<

Tomorrow 9am exam starts and ends at 12pm, 3 hours paper. I hope I can vomit everything that I read :D haha

All I can do now is hope whatever I had studied is sufficient for me to pass by now.

Please pray for me :D hahaha

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