14 January 2008


This time is for real, my CPU is spoiled unlike other time where my CPU is just unbehaving itself. My CPU spoiled and everything gone, could not turn on the Hard-disk, until after my exam only then I will go buy a new Hard-Disk to replace the old one.

Not too sure about fixing this by myself since I tried to take the CPU to repair-shop to repair they told me that there is NO PROBLEM DETECTED, so no repairing can be done thus I HAD TO BRING IT HOME ON THE VERY SAME DAY!!!!! OMG, but when I tried to turn on at my home....guess what? THE PROBLEM CAME BACK.... THen I could not format my Hard-Disk......sick of this.

My friend told me that, even if I bought new Hard-Disk the same thing will persist, seems like there is a lot of things to fix.... CD-ROM, Display Card, and Power Supply.

Better buy a new one like that.....damn the supplier who sold me this PC.....

I will soon upload the error pictures that I always get hope someone will give me an answer.... >___<

Well since now it's eexam season, it is indirect good news for me to concentrate studies....

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day-dreamer said...

My condolences to your CPU... I 101% understand how it feels. =/

Anyhow also, jia you for your exams ya! ^^