04 January 2008

It was a disaster

You know I had been playing online game, currently MoSiangOnline. Today something I almost messed up, my friend who had been invited and been driven by our GuildMaster to cyber cafe to play this online game. Well you know I always will login another ID and talk to my friend. I talked to him like we always do, but this time I should be a bit smarter and stop pm'ing him.

Because....Our guildmaster was there reading everything we chat. My friend tried to signal me by saying "He is beside me lar" I thought he meant NOT SHARING same PC, I know they are in the same Cyber cafe but didn't expect he is sharing the same PC with him.... I finally understand what my friend trying to signal me right after he said "Woi" to stop me from pm'ing....

LOL only then I know I almost in deep sh*t, luckily nothing happened. Phew...After this I know what should I do when my friend is playing at CC. I will have to disguise as another in-game friend HAHAHA~~

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day-dreamer said...

LOL, I can imagine that!

It's dangerous to gossip about people whom you are not seeing face to face as you might not know that it might be an impostor or worse, someone you're talking about. Haha.