20 February 2008

CabalSea Closed Beta

Unbelievable after so long of waiting Asia to come out Cabal, it is finally here and it is allowing Malaysia and Singapore to register. The CabalSea Beta will soon open on 22nd Feb. Cabal is a very successful online game which is very famous with it's combo skills.

You need to know the timing and set the skills that you wish to cast to counter the delay you get, you get what I mean? Example 1st skill 3sec delay after cast, then you need to cast another skill to fill in 3sec or you will die in battle. This is just he basic....haha

Now CabalSea collaborating with MMOSITE, visit CABALSEA CLOSED BETA KEY INVITATION then fulfill the requirements which is pretty easy just need to have 8 posts in the forum and 3 points answer. Then register an account at AsiaSoft, since CabalSea is incorporated with AsiaSoft. Right then you will have to create a CabalSea account with the Activation Code you get from MMOSITE. Last thing to do is to download the client and wait 22nd to login play XD

I'm done registering although I had to gone through a lot of errors and getting Invalid/used Code notice, I still manage to get one account =P

See you in CABAL...FOEs OR FRIENDS? wahaha Sorry I get carry away a bit XD
This is one of the games I am waiting, since Cabal Europe....

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