19 February 2008

Lydia Shum Tin Ha (沈殿霞) Passed Away......

Lydia Shum Tin Ha (沈殿霞) a.k.a Fei Fei, had passed away today. It is a very sad news outburst to the whole entertainment circle. She is one of my idols because she is good at being a host, acting and singing.

She did a great career with her big heavy body. She never gives up that is why she is able to make it up to the top. It is very unfortunate to hear she is unable to recover from cancer. She went through a lot surgeries and she continues to have the will to survive, she did mentioned(shown in the news) that she live for her daughter, that is her will to live.

She definitely made a history in the entertainment world, especially TVB. She done a lot of charities shows, almost every charity shows I was able to see her as a host.
Lifetime Achievement Award 萬千光輝演藝大獎 2007 was presented to Lydia Shum. That is the last Award...

Today she passed away due to cancer..... Let's pray.

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