23 February 2008

~A Friend who often Travels - 2~

This time I manage to ask Alex Yee for more insightful details about his traveling. If you miss the first interviews you might want to check it out, CLICK HERE!
Legend :
Maroon = me
Blue = Alex Yee
Here it goes ...................

Hey let’s talk about Bali since my godmother is going there we can exchange information.

Why do you want to know about Bali? You know how many years ago?!

Ok then which one is the recent country you traveled?
Europe! I can talk a lot! I not really like Europe! I like Japan!

Let's talk about NRT... You said it’s clean and polite.. Do you mean the people are born that way?
What I meant is the education they had.

Is Narita fill with buildings?
Narita is a place, because of the airport located nearby, then they just call it Narita Airport! Narita Airport is a gate way to Tokyo! If you use Domestic you must use Hamada Airport. The distance between Narita and Tokyo town is around 60km. I arrived at Narita airport and Narita airport toilet is very beautiful! LOL!!

Much prettier than KLIA's?
Yes, and you know the toilet inside has chairs!

You mean can sit and wait inside the toilet?
No, I meant you can sit there and make up! It looks like a show room more than a normal toilet! And the chair is a sofa chair!

Ok then tell me where you went after you arrived at the Airport?
Tokyo sure looking for my hotel lah! Japan Hotel with 3 star onwards is considered very good! My hotel cost about 16k yen per night!!
10% tax is not included yet! if you don't want to pay tax, then you should follow their government policy.
This policy state that you should spend 50k Yen in 1 day!
After that they will return all the tax u paid!

Around 50k Yen is about RM 1450 per day the time I visit.

What is the most famous place in Tokyo?
The most famous place in Tokyo is Shibuya(渋谷区), well Ginza is a very good place too!

How did you get to the Tokyo town?
Japan Rail(JR) train! Narita is far away from the town! Nothing to walk or do! JR got 2 types. First is express and second is transit! Remember Don’t take taxi ……

So you took transit??
Nope, I took Narita Express, that time I went was 980Yen! Just need half an hour to arrive Tokyo town!
Oh by the way, don't take JR train during 5am to 8am and 5am to 8pm because this time the JR will be like sardin fish! And JR train has a train that specially for females only!
Those don't want to wait for female train then they just join the males. Japanese like reading!
Every JR station will have free reading materials to read and take home!

After that you went Tokyo and find Shabuya?
haha! That time I went there was winter time, thus i can't really went anywhere... Japan is a very special country, those roads were just meant to open during summer and not winter!
I realized that Japanese like to go Shibuya and Ginza! Both of this places are crowded even after 1 am in the morning!

What are they doing there? What so special?
Ginza is a pub and clubbing area!
Shibuya is like Chow Kiat loh… busy area!

Tell me what's wrong with Japan Taxi? Because you ask me to remember not to take....
Nothing, it just..... the base rate is around 500 Yen! Then every meter you went is 80 yen!

Then how did you paid the fare?
They do accept credit card!

Then what public transports do you recommend?
If those who wanted safe and cheaper fare then buy a JR card for 3 days! You can go anywhere within Tokyo by JR!
No places that can't be reached with JR! After arrived at your destination you just need to have a short walk then you’re there!

Bullet train is under JR too! The bullet train has series! The time I went there, it said the latest series is 8000!!
Of course I don't know what is different about but its really fast and stable! by the way, the latest airport tax for Narita Airport is MYR757!
You know I am going to fly to Hokaido! Hokaido is an island name therefore I am going to Sapporo, this is a town in Hokkaido!
Hokkaido climate is very dry and cold!

One thing in Japan is very funny! There are a lot of people use automatic machine to buy things such as
alcohol! etc

WOW nice review…..I think I will stop here, it’s been great to know about Tokyo, but there are still a lot to know….Hope we can have another chat about it next time :D

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