03 February 2008

A Guy tries to Act Smart about Girl ( Don't!!)

It's funny when someone tries that, they thought it is the secret actually it is not something so big deal probably lame.

I watched GUess Guess Guess today on 8TV, it comes to a section where it talks about "which guy adored by Girls".

Come to this 5th guy saying that he wants to tell out a secret about how to make girl comfortable. He said that suck on the girl's upper lips and don't let go. =_=? woot? Guess Guess Guess hosts, guest and all the audience are laughing about that statement.

What is that? Is that even suppose to make girls feel comfortable? Had he even asked about it? Maybe I just don't like people who make a foolish statement and still thinks he is great. If you watch the show you probably notice he keeps talking about how girls kiss on his upper lips for 30minutes =.= woot?

Advice : Please don't say something about girl if you are not sure

In the end, that 5th guy gets the LOWEST vote (0 vote)...LOL still think himself cool? NOT!

In this episode, S.H.E, Selina and Hebe last presents as host of Guess Guess Guess.


day-dreamer said...

LOL what 道理 is that? Hilarious man... -_-"

_butt said...

suck upper lip and don't let go?? what the... ROTFL!!!

anyway, Gong Xi Fa Cai!! may you get lots and lots of angpau! to belanja me and coco_panda kekeke