03 February 2008

~The Game Plan Review~

The Game Plan movie starting The Rock as Joe Kingman the famous quaterback, Madison Pettis as Peyton Kelly Joe's daughter, Roselyn Sánchez as Monique Vasquez the ballet trainer, etc.

It is funny from the beginning till the end, Joe is a playboy I would say that because he dates a lot of girls and he is a bachelor. The joke starts when the hotel bell boy rings up Joe informing him there is a very cute girl wants to see him. When Joe opened the door, he was surprise to see a little girl called Peyton comes to the door and claim as his daughter.

Joe has to learn how to be a father for a month until Joe's ex-wife comes back from Africa (Joe didn't know his wife past away 6months ago). Joe has to understand that he cannot use the football strategies to teach his daughter to be discipline and needs to learn how to prepare kid's meal. He has to learn everything about dad, he has to keep Peyton happy in order to protect his career from jeopardizing.

Of course along the way they built the father and daughter relationship and Joe learnt ballet with Peyton under Monique teaching and that is where Joe and Monique met each other. I didn't know ballet can be so tougher than other sports. And the ballet jumps helped Joe in his last tournament, the beautiful jump.

X = kiss and O = hug
Moreover DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE the POWER OF A FATHER... LOLz Oh by the way Joe adore Elvis Presley. And you will know how Elvis Presley's songs charm the girls' heart :P

I give the movie 8/10 for hilarious.

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