02 February 2008

My GodMother Came For a Visit!

We as in my mom, baby brother and myself drove to KLIA to pick up my godmother at the international flight arrival. My godmother came from Canada,she has not been in Malaysia for 2 years since the last visit.

She arrived at KLIA, 19:00 but due to luggage pick up she came out late until 20:30. I thought she took a cab and went straight to our house, luckily she wasn't.

It has been a while since I been to KLIA, what I saw is NO PARKING again.... How to do pick up? Where is the place that allow us to park our car and wait for relatives? I don't know, thus my mom had to stay in the car and wait me to guide godmother out to our car. Luckily we drove off before the police came to write tickets to those who parked their cars, I saw a lot of cars wiper with tickets. LOL

Well she came and stayed in our new house and this time she doesn't have to squeeze with us, we have 3 bedrooms :P You know what? She brought a lot of stuffs as souvenirs for us, such as Crystal Glass; use for wine, a meat cutter, and a pan XD probably she knew I like spaghetti. And some consumable items like Peach Jam....It TASTE GOOD!!!

This time we are going to bring our godmother to other place, so my mom bought a ticket to Kuching few months ago today they took a plane and arrived at Kuching. Hope they have fun.

-___- As you know we went to pick up my godmother at 5pm with the traffic congestion we arrived late too 19:30, my mom did not cook she only managed to have the rice cooked, so we bought KFC on our way home. Of course it is finger licking good :P

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