01 February 2008

Happy Wilayah Day

Happy Wilayah Day to you all Malaysians! Let's talk about how I celebrated my Wilayah Day ok?

Well today my friend and I went to Times Square, Low Yat, and Sungai Wang. We are exhausted just by going these 3 places for shopping. Of course we are shopping for Chinese New Year clothes and pants, in the end I am the only one who did not bought any clothes or pants...Not even one!

At least my friend saw one that he likes and he bought it.

First we went to LowYat to have my Hard Disk fixed, of course it is in vain no resolution at all, they asked me to put into warranty as I BELIEVE THEY ARE VERY TIRED TO HAVE IT CHECK! DAMN! You know what? The warranty is 3 to 4 WEEKS!!! OMG?! So I changed my mind and get it back.... Maybe next time I will bring the whole CPU for them to fix since they said I should do so..... Or probably they are trying to earn a service charge on me....sigh, I am the waterfish.

Next we went to buy Headphone for PC, this is for another friend not even in our list of the day :P Anyway it just cost RM 15, it was cheap I guess.

Second we went to Times Square to buy a 4.15pm ticket show, the Game Plan, starting The Rock..... We got the B row. Then we did not shop there and straight away went to Sungai Wang to shop for clothes. -__- Nowadays the clothes are in the trend of having steel necklace around the collar. Basically we just shop for clothes.....Geez why is it so hard for me to find a cloth that creates the "FEEL"?!

After my friend bought the cloth we went for lunch around 1pm, at KFC.... Only then he recalls that his mom might had bought the same shirt for him, so I made a suggestion since he never wears any dark colour clothes, so I asked him had the cloth changed to BLACK, that way can be sure that he did not have the same shirt ^^

Sungai Wang had a small concert, I don't know it is performed by whom or which band... Then we went back to the shop and had the shirt changed to black.

When it was already 4.15pm, we go for the movie Game Plan, we had a good laugh in the cinema the movie is hilarious and touching when it comes to Father and Daughter relationship....

And I got home before 7pm so I can catch my TV2 drama :P

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