10 March 2008

Vandalism = Stupid Act

Thanks to vandalism, Sri Mutiara condominium management could not claim the repair fees from the insurance company thus they refuse to have the lift repair!! They put up a notice telling us what the insurance company had sent to them. It states that the insurance company had sent evaluation team to evaluate the cost of repairing the lifts, but instead they found out the lift is


Therefore, insurance company refuses to allow the management to have the claim... The cost of repairing the lift is RM 15,000+, this is way to beautiful...Just to let you know, the condominium majority residents are immigrants,no offense it just that they lack of education somehow.

Thus the VANDALISM CONTINUES!! GREAT NEWS FOR 2008! I'm DEFINITELY PISSED! There should be a camera watching who went into the lift and then we will know who vandalize it, he or she is the cause for that and he or she shall pay the cost!!!!

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