09 March 2008

Election is Over

During the election, a lot of rumours spreading through the internet including the messengers. Users spreading about deleting emails related to parties, staying home or even requesting to spread untrue rumours about party leaders. I hope people can clam down, and do not make a big fuss about it, all we want is a peaceful country and not hatred. Honestly speaking of election, for I do not care which parties you are from, all I do care is the candidates serving for the citizens.

Now the election is over, my area is still won by Fong Kui Lun from DAP, I hope this time he will do his job more better than last election. Firstly, do repair the playground so it is safe for the children to play. Secondly make sure the flood in my area is avoided, make sure no clogging. That's all for now....

Next issue that I come along today is :
International Certificate in Financial English (Cambridge ICFE), it is is recommended by ACCA, an added advantage for you accountants. Nowadays employers seek to hire english fluent employees, with a recognised certificate will help you a lot during your interview.

This is a special course for financial students. We need to make a difference among the others. So what if you have a degree? A lot of others had it too. We need to upgrade ourself. This is one of it.

Cambridge ICFE is available twice a year, in May and November
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