12 March 2008

English Usage in STPM had increased

News report that our Malaysia country STPM students had been answering the exam questions in English, this time is 92%(rounding), I believe in years to come it will be 99% probably won't be 100% because some of us wishes to answer the exam questions in Bahasa Melayu, I could not deny that sometimes Bahasa Melayu helps me understands the questions better than in English. Probably because I am weak in English.

Besides that, this time there are only 25 STPM candidates(2007) able to score all As in 5 subjects and you know what fact I would like to share with you all? That is every year male candidates 50% lesser than female candidates, seems like the higher the education level goes the more female candidates remain....

Oh well, I could say that majority candidates who scored CGPA 4.0 will be female candidates....

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